Production of polyethylene and polymer products
Production of polyethylene and polymer products
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Holding Altyn Arna LLP

The roots of Holding Altyn Arna LLP creation go back to 2000
years. Our team has been engaged in production of polyethylene and polymeric products (bags, films, products of more complex nature) for 13 years. The production capacity of the company allows execute orders for the manufacture of polyethylene products of different types and with various technical purposes.

In 2016, our company launched a workshop for the production of geomembranes (Polymeric anti-corrosion sheet for waterproofing needs and chemical protection). Modern equipment, technological control process at each stage, high-quality raw materials ensure the manufacture of products corresponding to high demands of domestic and international standards.


Effective environmental protection from toxic substances and aggressive agents in the conditions of the rapidly developing industry of Kazakhstan.


As part of the state program on import substitution and the creation of new innovative energy-efficient industries, the creation of new jobs and professional development up to the international level.

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Currently Holding Altyn Arna LLP is a steadily growing company, successfully competing in the market for the production of materials from polyethylene, geomembrane. The company is distinguished by high quality products, efficiency in the execution of orders. In the assortment of our company there are both customized and serial products. For production, the company uses raw materials – high pressure polyethylene (low density) and low pressure polyethylene (high density) of various brands.

Production is located in Karaganda, Karaganda region. The company has implemented a full production cycle from the development of technology and design to the production and sale of finished products. The warehouse is very conveniently located from the point of view of logistics, it has a rather large area of 1000 sq.m., warehouse and loading equipment. To improve the quality of our products, we regularly visit various exhibitions of new equipment, polymer forums, both in Kazakhstan and in Russia, constantly monitor the demand of our products in the market, cooperate with companies producing plastic products for the exchange of experience.

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